The following placeholders are available if the item is loaded from the Products.


Due to backward compatibility, the placeholders are still called “repo_*”, because the Products section was called “Repo” in previous versions.

{{ MoreInfoURL }}

The More Info URL can be used to display another button next to the buy button in the product box, which leads for example to a product review on your website. The input field for the URL is located at the end of the input form for products.

Product more info URL

Here is an example of how it is displayed in the template Robust.

Product more info URL example

{{ repo_content }}

If the product exists in the Products, this placeholder contains the post content.

{% if repo_content is not empty %}<p>{{ repo_content }}</p>{% endif %}

For example, you can use it for your personal comment on the product:


{{ repo_excerpt }}

If the product exists in the Products, this placeholder contains the post excerpt.

{% if repo_excerpt is not empty %}<p>{{ repo_excerpt }}</p>{% endif %}

{{ repo_ID }}

The post ID of the Repo item.

{{ repo_author_id }}

The ID of the Post author.

{{ repo_category_slugs }}

The post’s categories (Array of slugs).

{{ repo_comment_count }}

Number of comments on post (numeric string)

{{ repo_comment_status }}

Returns the post’s comment status: open or closed.

{{ repo_date }}

The Products post’s local publication time.

{{ repo_date_gmt }}

The Products post’s GMT publication time.

{{ repo_excerpt }}

User-defined Products post excerpt

{{ repo_guid }}

The unique identifier for a Products post, not necessarily a URL, used as the feed GUID.

{{ repo_modified }}

The Products post’s local modified time.

{{ repo_modified_gmt }}

The Products post’s GMT modified time.

{{ repo_name }}

The Products post’s slug.

{{ repo_status }}

Returns the Products post’s status: open or closed.

{{ repo_tag_slugs }}

The Products post’s tags (Array of tag slugs).

{{ repo_title }}

The title of the Repo item.

{{ RepoTitle }}

See {{ repo_title }}.

{{ repo_url }}

Keeps the full permalink of Repo items including the custom page slug.=======