After ASA2 is successfully installed, it is recommended to open the Setup page. Here you can decide if you want to use the Amazon PA API.


You have to log in as an administrator to be able to access the setup.

ASA 2 setup page

With API

If you want to use ASA2 with PA API, set up your API account in the “With API” tab. Check Set up Amazon Associate Account for more details.

Without API

ASA2 setup without api

Waiting for API activation

Using ASA2 without an API makes sense if you are not yet activated for the API and while you are waiting for it, you already want to embed your products in a structured way. ASA2 can then update your products afterwards via API.

Other shops

Another use case is if you don’t work with the Amazon Affiliate program at all and want to use ASA2 in conjunction with other stores.

For more details about how to use other shops, check the Shops.


Set up Amazon Associate Account

In order for ASA2 to be able to read product data via the Amazon Product Advertisment API (Amazon PA API), you must enter the access data for your Amazon Associate account. This account must be registered for the Amazon PA API.

If you do not have an Amazon Associate account yet or it is not registered for the Amazon PA API, please check these resources:

  1. Sign up as an Amazon Associate

  2. Register for Product Advertising API

or if you already have an AWS Account:


From March 2020 your account must be activated for the Amazon PA API 5.0. You can find out more about this in this blog post.

access key

Enter your “Access Key” and “Secret Key” you received when you registered for the Amazon PA API (see screenshot below).

PA API credentials

You can also manage your credentials after registration in the menu “Tools / Amazon Product Advertisment API” in section “Manage Your Credentials” (see screenshot below). There you can also request a set of new credentials.

PA API manage credentials

For more information on how to configure an IAM user to use the Product Advertising API, please check out this official AWS documentation page: Managing your Existing AWS Security Credentials for the Product Advertising API.

Default Tracking ID and Store

tracking id

Enter your “Tracking ID” and “Default Store”. They will be used for all requests without tracking ID and country code.


With ASA2 you can define custom tracking IDs and country codes, see [asa2].

After you have saved your account data, the status should change to “Connected”.

Setup success

When loading the setup page, the Amazon PA API connection status is checked once per hour.

Where are my credentials?

Please read my step-by-step tutorial How to register a new account for Amazon Affiliate Program.

If you already have an account, log in to and access the section “Your Security Credentials”. There you will get your “Amazon Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key”:

Amazon credentials Amazon credentials

Where is my tracking ID?

If you do not know where to find your tracking ID for the Amazon Product Advertisment API, please read my guide Finding your Amazon Tracking ID.

Associate ID sets

With Associate ID sets you can manage multiple Amazon Associate IDs for different country stores. The sets are used by ASA2’s Internationalization (i18n) feature.

Associate ID sets

When you create an Associate ID set, enter an unique name, your Amazon Associate IDs by country and an optional comment.

Associate ID set create

Your first set will automatically be marked as default. If you have multiple sets, you can change which one should be used by default.

Associate ID set default

The Associate ID sets will be used, when ASA2 renders an internationalized product. For example, if a product from the german store will be loaded, the Associate ID for the german store from the default set will be used. If no matching ID will be found, the default Associate ID configured on the setup page will be used (Default Tracking ID and Store).

For more details see Associate ID mapping.