First steps


If you want to use the Amazon PA API to automatically update Amazon products, you need to enter your credentials in the Setup section.

For more information, read: Setup.

License activation

To be able to receive auto-updates through your WordPress plugins backend, you have to activate your ASA2 license. On single site installations, go to page “ASA 2 Pro / License”. On multisite installations, go to page “ASA 2 Pro” in your Network Admin backend. Enter the license key you have received upon your purchase.

You can find your license key in your purchase email and on your ASA2 account page:

ASA 2 license page

Without activated license, you can not receive auto-updates:

ASA 2 update license issue

For more details about licensing, please see chapter Licensing.

Embedding a single product

The easiest way to embed an Amazon product in your WordPress pages is to use ASA2’s Product Picker. Just click the button in the WordPress editor toolbar and use the search field to find the product. Then click the product title and on the settings tab the button “Insert shortcode” and you’re done.

Read more about Product Picker.

Template customization

On ASA 2’s admin page “Templates” you can open a customization context window for each managed template. Just hover the mouse cursor over a template row and click the link “Customize” to open it. These settings will effect the appearance of this template.

Read more about Customization.

Create custom templates

ASA2 comes with some managed templates to render the products on your WordPress pages. If they do not fit so well to your WordPress theme, you can easily create own templates. Just navigate to ASA2’s templates admin page and either create a new template or duplicate an existing. Afterwards you can select your custom template in the product picker or manually use the shortcode options tpl (title) or tplid (tplid).

ASA 2 template example

Read more about customizing the layout in Templates.


With collections you can bundle an unlimited amount of products into one container and embed all those products in a page with just one shortcode.

Read more about how to use collections in Collections.

Using Products

Check out the Products section for more details.

Using Shops

Check out the Shops section for more details.

Single Image

With ASA2 you can display a single product image selected from all available ones.

More details: [asa2_img]