WordPress Post

The placeholders described on this page refer to WordPress Post properties. These placeholders contain the values of the WP Post on which the template is included.


To use these placeholders, the option “Enable WP Post placeholders” must be enabled! See Enable WP Post placeholders.


If you are working with these {{ post.* }} placeholders, remember to enable option Consider Post ID in ASA2’s option tab “Cache”.

For more information about the properties of the WP_Post object, please refer to https://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Post.

Debug template

If you want to check the contents of the post placeholders on a page, you can use this ASA2 template.

<div class="asa2_wp_post_dump">
    <p>Product title:<br><b>{{ Title }}</b></p>
    <p>Post values:</p>
    <table><thead><th>Placeholder</th><th>Value</th></thead><tbody>{% for key, value in post %}
        <tr><td>{{ '{{ post.' }}{{ key }}{{ ' }}' }}</td><td>{% if value is iterable %}{{ dump(value) }}{% else %}{{ value }}{% endif %}</td></tr>
    {% endfor %}</tbody></table>

{{ post.ID }}

The ID of the current Post.

{{ post.post_author }}

The ID of the Post author.

{{ post.post_date }}

The post’s local publication time.

{{ post.post_date_gmt }}

The post’s GMT publication time.

{{ post.post_content }}

The full content of the post

{{ post.post_title }}

The title of the post

{{ post.post_excerpt }}

User-defined post excerpt

{{ post.comment_status }}

Returns the post’s comment status: open or closed.

{{ post.ping_status }}

Returns the post’s status: open or closed.

{{ post.post_name }}

The post’s slug.

{{ post.to_ping }}

{{ post.pinged }}

{{ post.post_modified }}

The post’s local modified time.

{{ post.post_modified_gmt }}

The post’s GMT modified time.

{{ post.post_content_filtered }}

{{ post.post_parent }}

Parent Post ID (default 0)

{{ post.guid }}

The unique identifier for a post, not necessarily a URL, used as the feed GUID.

{{ post.menu_order }}

A field used for ordering posts.

{{ post.post_type }}

The post’s type, like post or page. See https://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Types

{{ post.post_mime_type }}

An attachment’s mime type.

{{ post.comment_count }}

Number of comments on post (numeric string)

{{ post.filter }}

{{ post.ancestors }}

{{ post.page_template }}

{{ post.post_category }}

The post’s categories (Array of IDs).

{{ post.tags_input }}

The post’s tags (Array of tag slugs).