The following placeholders are all related to the item’s reviews.

{{ CustomerReviewsExist }}

Can be used to check if a product has customer reviews. Contains a boolean true / false.

This example only displays the rating stars if the product has reviews:

{% if CustomerReviewsExist %}
    {{ CustomerReviewsImgTag }}
{% endif %}

{{ CustomerReviewsAverageRating }}

The numeric average customer rating, e.g. “3.2”, “4”, “4.5” etc.

Example for using custom rating star images:

<img src="path/to/my/img/{{ CustomerReviewsAverageRating }}.png" />

Just place all possible images in your path (path/to/my/img/), e.g. “3.2.png”, “4.png”, “4.5.png” etc.

{{ CustomerReviewsImgSrc }}

The URL of the original Amazon rating stars image. You can use it if you want to create the HTML <img> tag by yourself, like:

<img src="{{ CustomerReviewsImgSrc }}" style="..." class="..." />

{{ CustomerReviewsImgTag }}

The original Amazon rating stars image. Ready to use embedded in an HTML <img> tag.

{{ CustomerReviewsTotal }}

The total number of customers reviews.

{{ CustomerReviewsURL }}

The URL of the customer reviews page.

{{ CustomRating }}

Displays the rating stars of the custom value defined in shortcode [asa2] option custom_rating.


[asa2 custom_rating="4"]ASIN[/asa2]