The following placeholders are all related to the item’s reviews.

Please note that product rating stars are not officailly supported by the Amazon Product Advertisment API! The following placeholders provided by ASA2 and will only work if you use ASA2 internal rating feature, which you can use at your own responsibility.


Learn more in section Ratings.

{{ CustomerReviewsExist }}

Can be used to check if a product has customer reviews. Contains a boolean true / false.

This example only displays the rating stars if the product has reviews:

{% if CustomerReviewsExist %}
    {{ CustomerReviewsImgTag }}
{% endif %}

{{ CustomerReviewsAverageRating }}

The numeric average customer rating, e.g. “3.2”, “4”, “4.5” etc.

Example for using custom rating star images:

<img src="path/to/my/img/{{ CustomerReviewsAverageRating }}.png" />

Just place all possible images in your path (path/to/my/img/), e.g. “3.2.png”, “4.png”, “4.5.png” etc.

{{ CustomerReviewsImgSrc }}

The URL of the original Amazon rating stars image. You can use it if you want to create the HTML <img> tag by yourself, like:

<img src="{{ CustomerReviewsImgSrc }}" style="..." class="..." />

{{ CustomerReviewsImgTag }}

The original Amazon rating stars image. Ready to use embedded in an HTML <img> tag.

{{ CustomerReviewsTotal }}

The total number of customers reviews.

{{ CustomerReviewsURL }}

The URL of the customer reviews page.

{{ CustomRating }}

Displays the rating stars of the custom value defined in shortcode [asa2] option custom_rating.


[asa2 custom_rating="4"]ASIN[/asa2]