If the item is a book, the placeholders described on this page are available.

{{ Author }}

Contains one or more authors. If there is more than one actor, it is formatted as a comma separated list.

David Hodgson, Nick von Esmarch

{{ AuthorHtmlList }}

An HTML list containing all author

        <li>David Hodgson</li>
        <li>Nick von Esmarch</li>

{{ ActorArray }}

An array containg all author’s names. Can be used with template filters like join or Loops.

    [0] => David Hodgson
    [1] => Nick von Esmarch

{{ Edition }}

The book’s edition, like “2nd”.

{{ ISBN }}

The book’s ISBN, like “0345538374”.

{{ Label }}

The book’s label, like “Back Bay Books”.

{{ NumberOfPages }}

The book’s number of pages (integer value), like “1728”.