On ASA2’s dashboard there are several metaboxes that show you valuable information and contain direct links to subsections or further information.

ASA2 Dashboard


In the upper metabox “Resources” you can find links to further information, e.g. this documentation and the support form. Before you use the latter to create a request, it is recommended to use the “Knwoledge Base” search and look for your concern there.

Plugin Status

You should always keep an eye on the “Plugin Status” metabox. ASA2 has a whole set of self-tests that can be used to check the requirements for flawless operation. ASA2 performs these tests itself at periodic intervals. By clicking the “Perform selftests” button, you can perform the test manually.

If a problem is detected there at any point, run the self-tests and click the “Fix it” button on the test that fails so ASA2 can try to fix the problem on its own. If this does not solve the problem, please contact support.

API Request Stats

If you use the Amazon Product Advertisment API, you can enable statistics with the option “Logging / Record API stats”. Then you will see a chart in the dashboard that shows you exactly how many requests have been sent including their success status (green = successful, red = failed). For a detailed list of all requests with more details, click the “Open detailed list” button.

Products Status

The metabox “Products Status” gives you an overview of your Products section, e.g. the total number of all products and their last update time.

Plugin Info

In the metabox “Plugin Info” you will find information about the ASA2 version you are using, a link to the changelog as well as links to social networks where you can connect with ASA2.