Because product rating stars are not supported by the Amazon Product Advertisment API, ASA2 tries to provide access to this data.


Product rating stars are not supported by the Amazon Product Advertisment API!

The technical ways to access the product rating data may change over time, so ASA2’s ratings feature can not be guaranteed.

You can completely disable the rating stars with option Disable rating stars:

Disable rating stars

Known issues

Empty rating stars / Captcha page

If you experience empty rating stars on your site although the product has ratings, it is very likely that ASA2 ran into the captcha on the product ratings site. By default, ASA2 reads the ratings from that page every time the product gets refreshed via the API. If you have many products on a page which have to be refreshed or you are using the serverside cronjob (Product Update Cronjob), the ratings page will get accessed many times in a short time. Sooner or later this will lead to running into a captcha and thus ASA2 will not get access to the data.

Solution: Advanced ratings mode

Advanced ratings mode

Since version 1.6, ASA2 features the advanced ratings handling mode. You can activate it on the options page in sections “Ratings” (see Advanced mode).

ASA 2 advanced ratings handling mode


Please note that after switching to the advanced mode, it will take some time until you will see the first results!

When it is active, ratings will not be refreshed with every product data refresh, but being transfered to a queue. This queue gets processed via an own cronjob or via the WordPress cron API. The frequency can be configured. This way, the amount of product page accesses can be controlled and the captcha will not apply.


For a comparison between the default and the advanced mode, see the following flowchart:

ASA 2 advanced ratings handling flowchart


In advanced mode, requests for product ratings will be added to a queue instead of being processed immediately. When the Products section is being used, all Repo items will be added to the queue. Once the queue contains items, controlled processing can start.

To get a detailed view about what items are in the queue and what their status is, go to section “Ratings” in the ASA2 main menu:

ASA 2 advanced ratings section

To ensure the interval between the requests to the product ratings page, there is option Refresh lock duration.

ASA 2 advanced ratings refresh lock duration

The minimum possible interval is one minute. Experience has shown that even with a one minute request interval, the captcha page may occur. The recommended and default request interval is three minutes.

Queue execution recurrence

By default, ratings queue processing recurrence is matched with the refresh lock duration. It can be configured with option Refresh recurrence:

ASA 2 advanced ratings refresh recurrence

It supports all WP Cron API recurrences, which can be managed with plugins like WP Crontrol. Those depend on visitors requesting your pages. If your site does not have a visitor in hour, there will no rating being processed. Therefore the server side cronjob Ratings Refresh Cronjob is recommended. If you use it, set option Refresh recurrence to “Never / Server side cronjob”.


It is recommended to use the server side cronjob to refresh the ratings. See Ratings Refresh Cronjob for more details.

Dashboard stats

When using the advanced ratings handling, ASA2’s dashboard will show an additional metabox with statistics. Line chart “Recent results history” shows the development of ratings queue processing of the last 12 hours.

ASA 2 advanced ratings line chart

If you experience more captcha results than successes, you should activate the Suspend refresh option for at least 12 hours and increase your Refresh lock duration. ASA2 can have a look on the results too, with feature “Automatic monitoring”:

Automatic monitoring

ASA 2 advanced ratings handling automatic monitoring

With this option active, ASA2 checks the amount of captcha results per hours. If it exceeds the successful results over a period of 12 hours, your site is blocked for requests to the product ratings page and ASA2 will automatically set a refresh lock duration of 12 hours. Experience shows that after this time, a site is not blocked any more.


It is recommended to use the option “Automatic monitoring”.