The purpose of this plugin

Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2) lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages and make money with Amazon’s Associates program.

Since version 1.15.0 you can create products without Amazon Product Advertisment API and also products from other shops. Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2) is no longer limited to the use of the Amazon affiliate program.

What can I do with ASA2?

With ASA 2 you can:

  • Embed Amazon products using the PA API in your pages with just a few clicks to make money with Amazon’s Associates program

  • Create custom Shops to use other affiliate systems

  • Use external CSV files with shops, for instance Awin data feeds

  • Use the included Managed Templates which are kept up to date with every Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2) update

  • Customize the appearance of managed templates without programming skills

  • Use the feature-rich Product Picker to autmatically create Shortcodes

  • Design dynamic, custom HTML / CSS templates for product presentation without limits

  • Display Amazon’s rating stars for a higher level of trust

  • Organize your products in the Products with all the power of WordPress custom post types

  • Dynamically embed multiple products at once based on categories, tags or custom fields using smart collections

  • Create email notifications about currently unavailable products to not miss any sale

  • Create product collections

  • Use products from all supported Amazon stores side by side on one page

  • Use multiple Associate IDs

  • Create internationalized products which load the product dynamically matching to the visitors origin

  • Translate templates

  • Refresh product data by server side cronjobs

  • Utilize sophisticated caching to speed up page load time

  • And much more! Please read through this documentation to perceive the scope of ASA2