Global short URLs

This option activates the use of short format Amazon shop page URLs globally. You can select from different URL formats with the next option “Short URL format”.

Short URL format

Short URL format

Here you can select which shop page short URL format you prefer to use. The options are:

ASA2 knows the short URL format for every country store and will use the right top level domain (not only .com) depending on the product’s country code.

Default template language

Default language to be used for all templates, regardless of which country the products originate from or link to.

Option default template language

Hide managed in templates section

If enabled, managed templates will not be displayed in the templates admin section.

Display errors for admin

Display template rendering errors on front-end when logged in as administrator.

Display errors for admin

Mobile templates

ASA2 can use dedicated templates on mobile devices. If you want to use that feature, you have to activate this option. Then you can define a custom mobile template with option “mobile_tpl” like so:

[asa2 tpl="my_desktop_template" mobile_tpl="my_template_for_smartphones"]ASIN[/asa2]
Support mobile templates

Load jQuery

If your theme does not use jQuery, some of the features of ASA2’s Managed Templates will not work, like the product image slideshow and the image preview. By activating this option, ASA2 will worry about loading jQuery in the front-end.

Load jQuery

Disable rating stars

Since the Amazon API does not support delivery of total and average reviews values any more, ASA2 grabs those values from the product reviews page. This may conflict with the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement. But since this feature was introduced with ASA 1 several years ago, no single case of complaint has been reported to the creator of ASA. If you are unsure and want to be on the safe side, check this option.


Clear all caches after you have set this option.

Disable rating stars

Use official cart buttons

If you check this option, the buttons provided by Amazon on this page will be used in all managed templates.

Use official add-to-cart buttons

Cart button image

If you use the official cart buttons option (see above), with this option you can select which image to use.

Select add-to-cart button image

Default single image template

With this option, you can select the template to use as default to render shortcode [asa2_img] when no custom template is set.

Default image tpl

Price disclaimer default timestamp format

The default format for the timestamp displayed in price disclaimer (representing the last product data update). If set, this will overwrite the value “last_update_format”, which can be set individually for each template. Leave this empty to use the individual values again. Supports PHP date function format. Example: D, d M Y H:i:s

Support shortcodes

Activate this option, if you want to support shortcodes of other plugins inside ASA2 templates.

Support shortcodes

Prepare for HTTPS

By default, all product images get loaded via http. If your site is accessible via https only, you should activate this option and ASA2 will prepare all product images URLs for https.

Additionally all outgoing links like to the shop or reviews page will be prepared to use https.


Reset all caches after you have activated this option, because the old http:// URLs might still be cached.

Prepare for https

Collection widget class

Enter a custom CSS class name in this text field which should be used for the outer collection widget container. Default is “asa2_widget_collection” which may get blocked by AdBlockers.

Custom collection widget classname

Advanced rating stars

Check this option to displays nicer rating stars for placeholder {{ CustomerReviewsImgTag }}. This will use CSS image sprite technology and is recommended if you have many products on your pages because it will load faster than the common rating stars images.

CSS rating stars