Record API stats

Use this option to determine whether API requests should be logged. When activated, a dashboard widget is displayed to present the data.

Learn more: API Stats

Log errors

If activated, ASA2 will log errors, e.g. Amazon PA API response error message.


It is recommended to enable “Log errors” to be aware of errors which might occur in communication with the Amazon PA API.

Option log errors

Log template errors

Logs errors from the template engine. This is useful when you are working on a template or if a template does not work as expected.


It is recommended to enable “Log template errors” to be aware of syntax errors which might occurs in your templates.

Option log template errors

Log i18n errors

Logs errors related to the internationalization (i18n) feature, e.g. issues with resolving the vistor’s IP address.

Option log i18n errors

Item lookup debug

If activated, ASA2 logs debug information on item lookup, e.g. if the item was loaded via API or Repo.

Option log item lookup

Cache debug

If activated, ASA2 logs debug information about cache usage.

Option log cache debug

Request limits handling

If activated, ASA2 logs actions regarding the RequestThrottle prevention.

Option log request limit

Ratings parser debug

Logs the ratings parsing process if an error was detected. These details can help with troubleshooting regarding product ratings issues.

Option log ratings parser

Log API request URL

Logs the URLs used for API requests. Should only be activated temporarily for debugging issues.

Option log API request URL

Log Cronjobs

Logs information about the execution of cronjobs.

Option log cronjobs

Time to keep

Option log time to keep

The selection of this options determines how long the log entries should be kept in the database. This protects against overloading the database. Default is “2 weeks”.

Max entries

Option log max entries

The selection of this option determines the maximum allowed amount of log entries. This limit protects against overloading the database. Cleanup gets processed once per hour. Default is 500.