For more information about the Products section, check documentation section Products.

Deactivate Products

If you do not want to use the Products section, you can set this option to deactivate it completely.

Deactivate Products


Deactivate auto-refresh

This option deactivates the Products’s auto-refresh function.

When a product gets loaded on a page, it will be refreshed automatically if its last refresh time is older than the product lifetime (see below). By deactivating this functionality, the product data will be loaded from the database as long as it gets refreshed manually.

If you deactivate the auto-refresh, the products will not be refreshed automatically. This makes sense if you use the cronjob Product Update Cronjob to automatically refresh all products (e.g. over night).

Product deactivate autorefresh

Product lifetime

You can adjust the product lifetime with this option. The lifetime value is used to determine if a product has to be updated or not. If the seconds since the last refresh are more than the lifetime, than the product will be refreshed (if autorefresh is activated).

The lifetime value has to be defined in seconds. Leave it blank to use the default lifetime of 3600 seconds (one hour).

Repo option lifetime

Update title on refresh

Update the title of the product when refreshing the product data. This will replace the customizable product post title with the original product title delivered by the API.

Custom Products

Reset rating when reconnecting to PA API

If a Amazon product that has been created without PA API gets reconnected to the PA API, custom rating values will be reset.

Assign to default shop

Assigns all products that are not assigned to a store to the default store. ASA2 has already done this initially. Use it when there is something wrong or for support cases.

Default Country

This option allows you to set the default country for custom products.


Deactivate auto-transfer

If set, the products auto-transfer feature will be deactivated.


By default, whenever ASA2 requests a product via the Amazon Product Advertisment API, it will be stored in the Products section to retrieve its data from there on the next request within the lifetime.

By default, on every request to the Amazon Amazon PA API, ASA2 will check if the product already exists in the Products section. If not, it will be saved there. This is recommended, because on the next request, ASA2 can load the product from the database instead of requesting it from the Amazon PA API again.

Repo option deactivate autotransfer

Deactivate auto-transfer on post save

When a post or page gets saved or updated, ASA2 checks if there are products embedded in the contents. If they are Amazon products, they get transfered to the Products section, if they do not already exists there. This is recommended, because after you have published a post, the product will be loaded from the database instead of from the Amazon PA API when the frontend page gets accessed by a user.

For whatever reason, you may deactivate the auto-transfer on post save functionality with this option.


By default, when you save or update a post, ASA2 will transfer all Amazon products embedded in the post/page content to the Products section, if they do not exist already.

Products option deactivate autotransfer on save

Public product pages

Set this if you want the product pages to be public. They are not public by default.

Item pages slug

Customize the permalink structure slug for public products pages. Default is “asa2_repo”.

Sales rank column

Products sales rank column

If set, a dedicated column containing the sales rank will be displayed in the Products list table.

Include in feeds

Products option include in feeds

Set this if you want the products to be included in feeds. They are not included by default. This should only be used with public product pages!