Advanced mode

Activates ASA2’s advanced ratings handling mode. For more details about how it works, check Ratings.

ASA 2 advanced ratings handling mode


The following options are only working with activated advanced mode!

Reset queue

Deletes all ratings from the queue which could not be processed successfully yet. Also clears all internal values which could hinder the queue from being processed. Use it if you have the feeling that the ratings refresh queue is stuck.

ASA 2 advanced ratings reset queue

Refresh lock duration

The duration in minutes, ASA 2 will wait until processing the next product rating to prevent running into the captcha on the product reviews page. Recommendation and default is 3 (3 minutes). Minimum is 1 (1 minute).

ASA 2 advanced ratings refresh lock duration

Validity period

The period in hours, for how long a rating should be considered valid. Minimum is 1 (one hour), default is 12 (twelve hours). Do not set this too low if you have many products. In advanced mode, at most one rating per minute (see “lock duration” above) will be refreshed to prevent running into a captcha.

ASA 2 advanced ratings validity period

Use last valid

If no rating within the validity period can be found, but one before, that one will be used. It is recommended to activate this option.

ASA 2 advanced ratings use last valid

Refresh recurrence

How often the ratings refresh task should be executed automatically. Each execution refreshs the rating of one product. Uses WordPress’s built-in cron API. To create custom intervals (like the recommended every minute) please use a Cronjob plugin like WP Crontrol. Choose “Never / Server side cronjob” if you want to configure the serverside cronjob.

If you use the server side cronjob Ratings Refresh Cronjob, set this option to “Never / Server side cronjob”.

ASA 2 advanced ratings refresh recurrence

Cronjob items per run

This option defines the quantity of products to parse on one ratings cronjob execution. Default: 1

Cronjob pause

Defines a pause in seconds between the above configured items to parse on one cronjob run. Default: 1. For no pause: 0

Automatic monitoring (BETA)

Activates the automatic ratings refresh monitoring. It will monitor the amount of invalid results (captcha pages) and decide independently whether to activate a suspend time of 12 hours.

ASA 2 advanced ratings handling automatic monitoring

Suspend refresh

Activate this, to suspend the ratings refresh task. This may be useful when you get errors from the ratings parser about running into the captcha page. Additionally try to execute the ratings refresh task less frequent by increasing the lock duration.

ASA 2 advanced ratings handling suspend refresh

Skip countries

Which countries to skip for the automated ratings refresh task. Use it temporarily if you experience many captcha results for certain countries. Select multiple countries by pressing Cmd key on Mac or Ctrl key on Windows while you select a country.

ASA 2 advanced ratings handling skip countries