Ratings Refresh Cronjob



This cronjob processes the “Advanced Ratings Mode” queue. Therefore it only works in combination with activated Advanced ratings mode.

ASA2 ratings cronjob


To learn more about cronjobs in general, check out the Introduction chapter.


To learn more about setting up and using ASA2’s cronjobs, see the dedicated Cronjob Setup chapter.



The internal name of this cornjob is Asa2_Cron_Ratings.

Therefore, use it with the Server-side execution like this:

bash script.sh Asa2_Cron_Ratings --quantity=5

And with WP Cron API and ASA2’s Cron Wrapper like this:

$cronWrapper = new \Asa2\Cron\Wrapper('Asa2_Cron_Ratings');
    'quantity' => 5,

REST API Endpoint

The REST API endpoint name of this cronjob is ratings.



Check Cron REST API for more details about running ASA2’s cronjobs via URL.


It is recommended to execute the ratings refresh cronjob every three minutes. If there are no problems and you have a lot of products, you can increase the frequency to every minute.


Can be used to define a pause in seconds between each processed rating. Can be set globally for all executions with the option Cronjob pause.

ASA2 ratings cronjob with pause option
// to set a pause of 2 seconds:
bash script.sh Asa2_Cron_Ratings --pause=2

With the php option, you can tell the ASA2 cronjob what PHP executable it should use to execute the command. With some webhosters the standard command “php” executes an outdated version and there is a special command for each version, e.g. “php73” or “php74”.

Please check which PHP version is required for the use of ASA2 here: https://bit.ly/asa2-php-version

bash script.sh Asa2_Module_Repo_Cron_Refresh --limit=10 --php=php74

The quantity option can be used to set the quantity of products to be processed. Can be set globally for all executions with the option Cronjob items per run.

ASA2 ratings cronjob with quantity option
// to process 5 products in a cronjob run:
bash script.sh Asa2_Cron_Ratings --quantity=5

Use the verbose option to get more information on the console.

bash script.sh Asa2_Cron_Ratings --verbose