The managed template “Sortable_table_2” is specialized for displaying multiple products in a sortable table. It works perfectly with ASA 2 collections or smart collections. It is customizable in general and per shortcode.

Main features

  • Specialized for rendering sortable tables with multiple products
  • Responsive design (switches to stacked layout on small width)
  • Customizable without programming skills


Template “Sortable_table_2” does not yet work with AJAX mode.

Demo page

Sortable_table_2 demo

To see this template in action with different examples, please refer to the demo page:

Carousel demo page


Example shortcode:

[asa2_smart_collection cat_slug="coffee-maker" limit="10" tpl="Sortable_table_2" is_available_main="true" /]
Sortable_table_2 example


On ASA 2’s admin page “Templates” you can open a customization context window for each managed template. Just hover the mouse cursor over a template row and click the link “Customize” to open it. These settings will effect the appearance of this template.

Sortable_table_2 customization

Shortcode options

Besides the general customization settings, it is possible to overwrite these settings per shortcode.

Example “title_length”

For example, to limit the title length, you can use option “title_length”:

[asa2_smart_collection tpl="Sortable_table_2" title_length="50" cat_slug="coffee-maker" limit="10" is_available_main="true" /]

Or to show images in medium size, use option image_size”:

Example “image_size”

[asa2_smart_collection tpl="Sortable_table_2" image_size="medium" cat_slug="coffee-maker" limit="10" is_available_main="true" /]

All available options

Following you find a list of all available shortcode options for template “Sortable_table_2”:

Option Type Values Description
table_behavior string
  • "0" (None)
  • "sort-custom" (Sortable 1)
Table behavior
col_image bool "yes" / "no" Show image column
col_title bool "yes" / "no" Show title column
col_rating bool "yes" / "no" Show rating column
col_price bool "yes" / "no" Show price column
col_buy_button bool "yes" / "no" Show buy button column
button_target string
  • "shop" (Shop page)
  • "buy" (Buy page)
Button target
image_size string
  • "small" (Small)
  • "medium" (Medium)
  • "large" (Large)
Image size
image_max_width int 0 between 999 Image max width (in pixels, 0 - 999, 0 for none)
image_effect string
  • "0" (None, no linking at all)
  • "lightbox" (Add lightbox tag and link to large version)
  • "imgpreview" (Image preview to large version on mouse hover)
  • "link_to_shoppage" (Image links to shop page)
Image effect
title_link_to_shop_page bool "yes" / "no" Title links to shop page
title_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Title color
title_font_css string custom text Title font style. Utilizes the CSS font property.
title_length int 0 between 999 Title max length. Limits the title to a maximum length of characters. 0 for unlimited
price_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Price color
price_font_css string custom text Price font style. Utilizes the CSS font property.
disclaimer string
  • "none" (None)
  • "asterisk_and_text" (Asterisk in title link and button. Disclaimer text below table.)
  • "asterisk_only" (Asterisk in title link and button. No disclaimer text.)