On ASA 2’s admin page “Templates” you can open a customization context window for each managed template. Just hover the mouse cursor over a template row and click the link “Customize” to open it. These settings will effect the appearance of this template.

This is an example screenshot of the customization options of template “Horizontal_box”:

Horizontal_box customization


The managed templates included in ASA2 can not meet the demands of everyone. It lies in the nature of the managed templates that they can not be edited by the user. Every change would be overwritten with the next update. If you like one template but want to change a detail which is not customizable, you can create a duplicate of it. Just click the “Copy” link below a template name. Then you can open the editor for that duplicate.


Managed templates can not be edited!

Managed templates copy

Manual update

To update all managed templates manually, click the button “Update managed”.

Button update managed

A conflict while updating means, that ASA2 tried to create a managed plugin but found an existing one with the same name. To solve this, rename the existing template(s) with the conflicted name(s) and run the updater again.

Managed templates conflict