The managed template “Book” is specialized for rendering book information, like authors, binding and number of pages.

Main features

  • Specialized for rendering books
  • Responsive design
  • Customizable without programming skills

Demo page

To see this template in action with different examples, please refer to the demo page:

Carousel demo page


Example shortcode:

[asa2 tpl="Book"]1501100106[/asa2]
Book example


On ASA 2’s admin page “Templates” you can open a customization context window for each managed template. Just hover the mouse cursor over a template row and click the link “Customize” to open it. These settings will effect the appearance of this template.

Book customization

Shortcode options

Besides the general customization settings, it is possible to overwrite these settings per shortcode.

For example, to show a red “border_color” instead of the globally configured color, this shortcode would make the difference:

[asa2 tpl="Book" border_color="red"]0744016312[/asa2]

Or to load a different image size than the generally configured, use option “image_size”:

[asa2 tpl="Book" image_size="medium"]0744016312[/asa2]

Following you find a list of all available shortcode options for template “Book”:

Option Type Values Description
align string
  • "none" (None)
  • "left" (Left)
  • "center" (Center)
  • "right" (Right)
max_width int 0 between 9999 Max width (used when align is not none)
image_size string
  • "small" (Small)
  • "medium" (Medium)
  • "large" (Large)
Image size
image_max_width int 0 between 999 Image max width (in pixels, 0 - 999, 0 for none)
main_image_slideshow bool "yes" / "no" Show additional images as slideshow on main image
slideshow bool "yes" / "no" Show slideshow of additional images below other data
slideshow_max int 0 between 999 Maximum slideshow items (0 = all)
image_effect string
  • "0" (None, no linking at all)
  • "lightbox" (Add lightbox tag and link to large version)
  • "imgpreview" (Image preview to large version on mouse hover)
  • "link_to_shoppage" (Image links to shop page)
Image effect
amazon_logo bool "yes" / "no" Show Amazon logo bottom right
disclaimer string
  • "none" (None)
  • "asterisk_and_text" (Asterisk in title link and button. Disclaimer text in each template.)
  • "asterisk_only" (Asterisk in title link and button. No disclaimer text.)
border_width int 0 between 99 Border width (in pixels, 0 for no border)
border_radius int 0 between 99 Border radius (in pixels, > 0 for rounded corners)
border_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Border color
box_effect string
  • "0" (None)
  • "1" (Raised box look)
  • "2" (Lifted corner look bottom left and right)
  • "3" (Lifted corner look bottom left)
  • "4" (Lifted corner look bottom right)
  • "5" (Lifted corners with increased angles)
  • "6" (Curved shadow at the bottom of the box)
  • "7" (Curved shadow at the top and bottom of the box)
  • "8" (Rounded shadows on either side of the box)
Box shadow effect
show_buy_button bool "yes" / "no" Show buy button
button_target string
  • "shop" (Shop page)
  • "buy" (Buy page)
Button target
background_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Background color
title_link_to_shop_page bool "yes" / "no" Title links to shop page
title_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Title color
title_font_size int 1 between 500 Title font size (in percent)
show_new_and_used_prices bool "yes" / "no" Show new and used prices
show_features bool "yes" / "no" Show product features (if available)
features_font_size int 1 between 100 Features font size (in percent)
features_length int 0 between 99 How many feature items to show before the "Show more" link (0 = no limit)
show_book_description bool "yes" / "no" Show book description (if available)
description_font_size int 1 between 100 Book description font size (in percent)
description_length int 0 between 1000 Description length (in letters, 0 = no limit)
price_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Price color
hide_price bool "yes" / "no" Hide price(s)
show_binding bool "yes" / "no" Show binding
show_number_of_pages bool "yes" / "no" Show number of pages
show_last_update bool "yes" / "no" Show date of last item update
last_update_format string custom text Last item update date format (supports format of PHP date function)
show_price_disclaimer bool "yes" / "no" Show price disclaimer ("Details" link next to date of last update)