The managed template “Horizontal_box” is designed to work with any kind of product. It comes with many options to customize its appearance without having to change the code.

Main features

  • General purpose template
  • Responsive design
  • Customizable without programming skills

Demo page

To see this template in action with different examples, please refer to the demo page:

Carousel demo page


Example shortcode:

[asa2 tpl="Horizontal_box"]B00EI7DPPI[/asa2]
Horizontal_box example


On ASA 2’s admin page “Templates” you can open a customization context window for each managed template. Just hover the mouse cursor over a template row and click the link “Customize” to open it. These settings will effect the appearance of this template.

Horizontal_box customization

Shortcode options

Besides the general customization settings, it is possible to overwrite these settings per shortcode.

For example, to show a red “border_color” instead of the generally configured color, this shortcode would make the difference:

[asa2 tpl="Horizontal_box" border_color="red"]0744016312[/asa2]

Or to load a different image size than the generally configured, use option “image_size”:

[asa2 tpl="Horizontal_box" image_size="medium"]0744016312[/asa2]

Following you find a list of all available shortcode options for template “Horizontal_box”:

Option Type Values Description
align string
  • "none" (None)
  • "left" (Left)
  • "center" (Center)
  • "right" (Right)
max_width int 0 between 9999 Max width (used when align is not none)
image_size string
  • "small" (Small)
  • "medium" (Medium)
  • "large" (Large)
Image size
image_max_width int 0 between 999 Image max width (in pixels, 0 - 999, 0 for none)
main_image_slideshow bool "yes" / "no" Show additional images as slideshow on main image
slideshow bool "yes" / "no" Show slideshow of additional images below description
slideshow_max int 0 between 999 Maximum slideshow items (0 = all)
image_effect string
  • "0" (None, no linking at all)
  • "lightbox" (Add lightbox tag and link to large version)
  • "imgpreview" (Image preview to large version on mouse hover)
  • "link_to_shoppage" (Image links to shop page)
Image effect
amazon_logo bool "yes" / "no" Show Amazon logo bottom right
disclaimer string
  • "none" (None)
  • "asterisk_and_text" (Asterisk in title link and button. Disclaimer text in each template.)
  • "asterisk_only" (Asterisk in title link and button. No disclaimer text.)
border_width int 0 between 99 Border width (in pixels, 0 for no border)
border_radius int 0 between 99 Border radius (in pixels, > 0 for rounded corners)
border_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Border color
box_effect string
  • "0" (None)
  • "1" (Raised box look)
  • "2" (Lifted corner look bottom left and right)
  • "3" (Lifted corner look bottom left)
  • "4" (Lifted corner look bottom right)
  • "5" (Lifted corners with increased angles)
  • "6" (Curved shadow at the bottom of the box)
  • "7" (Curved shadow at the top and bottom of the box)
  • "8" (Rounded shadows on either side of the box)
Box shadow effect
show_buy_button bool "yes" / "no" Show buy button
button_target string
  • "shop" (Shop page)
  • "buy" (Buy page)
Button target
background_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Background color
title_link_to_shop_page bool "yes" / "no" Title links to shop page
title_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Title color
title_font_size int 1 between 500 Title font size (in percent)
show_new_and_used_prices bool "yes" / "no" Show new and used prices
show_features bool "yes" / "no" Show product features (if available)
features_font_size int 1 between 100 Features font size (in percent)
features_length int 0 between 99 How many feature items to show before the "Show more" link (0 = no limit)
show_description bool "yes" / "no" Show product description (if available)
description_font_size int 1 between 100 Description font size (in percent)
description_length int 0 between 1000 Description length (in letters, 0 = no limit)
price_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Price color
hide_price bool "yes" / "no" Hide price(s)
show_last_update bool "yes" / "no" Show date of last item update
last_update_format string custom text Last item update date format (supports format of PHP date function)
show_price_disclaimer bool "yes" / "no" Show price disclaimer ("Details" link next to date of last update)