What is a cronjob?


“The software utility Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. People who set up and maintain software environments use cron to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts) to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals. It typically automates system maintenance or administration …”

ASA2 uses cronjobs to run processes that may take a little longer to complete, server-side and thus without interactivity with the visitor of your site. A typical case is the use of an API for loading product data. Each request that occurs when visiting your page will delay the loading time. If these requests are handled in advance on the server side via cronjob and the product data is stored in the cache, the loading time is not affected.


To learn more about setting up and using ASA2’s cronjobs, see the dedicated Cronjob Setup chapter.

ASA2’s Cronjobs

ASA2 comes with a few cronjobs for different purposes. See the respective chapters for details: