Repo notifications

Use this cronjob to manually generate a Repo notification (see Notifications).


The cronjob only handles notifications whose recurrence is set to “Manually”.

recurrence manually

The script to use can be found in ASA2‘s subdirectory scripts.

Execute it like this:

cd .../wordpress/wp-content/plugins/amazon-simple-affiliate/scripts

bash Asa2_Module_Notifications_Cron_RepoNotifications


This configuration will execute the notification task every hour (at minute zero, every hour) and execute the notification rule with ID 2.

0 * * * * /[wp_path]/wp-content/plugins/amazon-simple-affiliate/scripts Asa2_Module_Notifications_Cron_RepoNotifications -id=2

To learn more about cronjobs, see Introduction.



Without options, this cronjob will execute all notifications.


The option id is optional. It can be used to define the notifications to executed.

Possible values

  • ID (integer): The ID of one notification rule you want to execute
  • List: A comma separated list of IDs to execute multiple notification rules at once, like: 1,2,3

You can find the ID in the first column of the notifications list table in section “Notifications”.

Notifications ID
// ID example:
bash Asa2_Module_Notifications_Cron_RepoNotifications -id=2

// List example:
bash Asa2_Module_Notifications_Cron_RepoNotifications -id=1,2,3,5
Notifications bash