Create Product automatically

This page explains how you can create products based on external shop data.

Multiple import via shop page

The shop page gives you the option to select several of the synchronized product data sets at once and import them as ASA2 products.

Browse shop data

After the synchronization of the data is completed or when you open a shop page afterwards, the Browse data button is available.

ASA2 Shop Data Browse Data

This opens a tabular view of the shop data, which allows to browse the products of the shop in a comfortable way.

ASA2 Shop Data Browse Dialog

Select products for import

When you select one or more products, an import button appears in the upper left corner above the table. Using this button you can import the selected records into ASA2 products.

ASA2 Shop Data Browse Dialog Select

Before that, a confirmation dialog opens where you can also select categories and tags for the new products to be created.

ASA2 Shop Data Browse Import Confirm

After the data has been successfully imported and the ASA2 products have been created from it, they will appear in the overview of the products section.

ASA2 Shop Data Import Product Page

Single import via product page

When you create a new product (“ASA2 Products > Add New”), an import button is available if the selected shop has synchronized data.

ASA2 Import Product from Shop data

After clicking on the import button, the table view opens to view the shop data. On the left in front of each data record is an import button, via which the respective product can be selected.

ASA2 Import Product table dialog

After clicking an import button in a product line, ASA2 automatically inserts the product data into the form. After that, the product only needs to be saved and it can be included on a web page as usual.

ASA2 Import Product inserted values

Overwrite product

If you want to replace the product, you can click the import button on a product page again and select another product. ASA2 will then ask you if you want to overwrite the previous product.

ASA2 overwrite product

You can decide whether the title of the previous product should also be overwritten. This can be helpful if you have previously entered a custom title that you want to keep for the new product.