Product Refresh

There are several ways how to refresh your Amazon PA API products.

Manual refresh

Bulk action

In the Products section section, you can select the products you want to refresh and select “Refresh” in the bulk actions dropdown menu. Then hit the button “Apply” to perform the action. ASA2 will loop through the selected items and refresh them.

ASA 2 product refresh


The more products you select, the longer it may take.

Single item

You can update a single product on the product’s edit page, by selecting the checkbox “Refresh item data” in the post publish box before you hit the button “Update”.

ASA 2 product refresh single item

Automatic refresh


The server-side cronjob to refresh the products automatically is by far the best option to keep your products up-to-date. Without any user action, the products will be refreshed regularly. Using the cronjob will prevent any Amazon API request on user page access.

Read more about the product refresh cronjob here: Product Update Cronjob


If you do not use the product refresh cronjob, ASA2 will by default automatically refresh an Amazon PA API product when its lifetime is exceeded.

For example: A user opens a page of your blog which has a product embedded. When ASA2 loads the item, it will check if the configured lifetime is exceeded. If so, the item will be refreshed first via the Amazon API and then be displayed on the page.

The more items with exceeded product lifetimes are on a page, the longer the page loading time will be.


For a fast page loading time it is highly recommended to use the Product Update Cronjob.