Create Product manually

To add a product for a custom shop, simply click on the “Add New” button on the overview page or in the main menu.

Add Product

Select Shop

Select the shop you want to create the product for from the drop down menu. If the shop does not exist yet, create it in the Shops section.

Add shop product

Enter Data

After selecting the shop, you will see a form where you can enter the values of the product. Some of the fields will be filled automatically during the input process.


Enter the product title at the top, just as you would enter a title for any other WordPress post.

Add shop product title

Affiliate URL

Enter the affiliate URL for the product in this field.

If no default country is defined for the selected shop, ASA2 will automatically try to detect the country based on this URL and insert select it in the default country drop down below.

Add shop product affiliate URL

Product Image

It is possible to provide the product image in three different sizes. Enter the URLs of the images in the respective fields if you want to work with external URLs. You can also use the Featured Image function to upload an image. Then it will usually be placed on your server (if you don’t use a CDN) and loaded from there. This brings up legal issues that you should be aware of.


Due to advantages in loading speed and regarding the legal situation, the use of external URLs is recommended over local images.

Add shop product image


Enter the normal price and, if available, the offer price in the price fields. The currency results from the selected country.

Add shop product price


Enter the rating of the product and the total number of reviews in these fields if you want to use a product template that displays the star rating and if the shop supports product reviews.

Add shop product rating


Here you can select the country where the product is located. If a default country is defined for the shop (see Default Country), the country will be preselected here. If not, ASA2 will try to set the appropriate country when entering the Affiliate URL.


The selection of the country is important to display the right currency for the price.

Add shop product country

More Info URL

The More Info URL can be used to display another button next to the buy button in the product box, which leads for example to a product review on your website.

Product more info URL Product more info URL example


Finally click the “Publish” button to save the product.

The product will appear on top of the Products section list:

Products list


Click the “Embed” link below the title, to get list of example shortcodes you can use to embed the product in your pages.

Products list embed Product embed example

For more details about embedding products in your pages, check the section “EMBED PRODUCTS” of this documentation: