Synchronize data

After the URL is saved and the data mapping is setup, the data must be synchronized. Before that, the shop may need to be saved so that ASA2 knows the settings. Then the Sync button is unlocked and can be clicked.

ASA2 Shop Data Synchronization

Through synchronization, ASA2 transfers the external product data to an internal database table. In all further synchronizations, ASA2 compares the external data with the internal data and updates the latter.

ASA2 Shop Data Synchronization Status

If products have already been created from this shop data, you can use the checkbox “Also update the products?” to have the products updated directly after synchronization of the data.


Of course, only during the first setup we want to perform this process manually. As a rule, the synchronization should happen automatically without our assistance.

For this ASA2 has the two cronjobs that can be executed one after the other:


If the data sources of all shops contain a very large number of records in total (hundreds of thousands or more), the automation should be adapted to the server capacity, see: Recommendations.

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