This page explains how you can import the product data of an Awin advertiser into an ASA2 shop.

Video Tutorial


In order to use the data from an Awin advertiser with an ASA2 shop, we must create a datafeed in CSV format. To do this, log in to and navigate to the Create-a-Feed section in the main menu.

Awin main menu create feed

Select Advertiser

In this section, in the “Advertisers” box, select the Select Advertisers link.

Awin select advertiser

A dialog window will open that lists all advertisers for which your Awin account is currently approved. Select the advertiser from the list for which you want to create an ASA2 shop. Make sure to select only one advertiser.


It is not recommended to use the data of multiple advertisers in one ASA2 shop.

Awin select advertiser dialog

Once you have selected the advertiser, click the Save button at the bottom of the “Select Advertisers” dialog.

Awin select advertiser next button

Then click the Next button at the top right of the main page to go to the next section Datafeed Options.

Datafeed Options

In this section you can configure which product data should be included in the export file.


It is important that the recommended options are checked so that all values are included in the feed that are necessary to create ASA2 products.


The topmost section Generic Columns contains the default options that are included in every data feed and cannot be deselected.

Awin datafeed default options

Product Specification

In section Product Specification select option:

  • brand_name: Contains the name of the product manufacturer

Awin datafeed options product specification


In the Availability section select option:

  • in_stock: Contains the information whether the product is available

Awin datafeed availability options


In the Images section select option:

  • large_image: May include a larger version of the product image

  • aw_thumb_url: May include a small version of the product image

Awin datafeed images options


Not all advertisers use the same fields for their images. If the recommended fields are empty, please try the others. It can also happen that the data is poorly maintained and no or only bad images are offered.


In section Ratings select the options:

  • reviews: Contains the total number of ratings (if available)

  • average_rating: Contains the value of the average rating (if available)

Awin datafeed ratings options


This is an overview of all additional values that should be selected:

  • aw_image_url

  • shop_price

  • brand_name

  • in_stock

  • reviews

  • average_rating

Datafeed URL

The bottom box Datafeed Properties contains your personal datafeed URL for the selected advertiser and the configured options.

Awin datafeed URL copy

Datafeed Format

Select CSV as the format, which should be selected by default.

Field Delimiter

You can leave the comma (,) selected as delimiter. ASA2 supports all delimiters that are available here.

Compression Type

Select zip as the compression type. ASA2 also supports gzip, but zip should cause less problems as it is a widely used format.

Copy the URL to the ASA2 shop

Now you can copy the datafeed URL that is in the text box (marked blue) and paste it into the URL field in the data section of an ASA2 shop.

Awin datafeed URL paste

How to proceed there is explained in section Setting up external data.