Migration Wizard


The Migration Wizard helps you with migration from ASA 1 to ASA 2. If you were using ASA 1, you might have used a lot of [asa] and [asa_collection] shortcodes in your pages. There is no need to change any of these ASA 1 contents as ASA 2 is capable of handling it.


ASA 2 can handle all ASA 1 contents.

If the migration wizard has been completed successfully, ASA 2 handles all of the following ASA 1 contents:

  • [asa] shortcodes

  • [asa_collection] shortcodes

  • ASA 1 collection widget

  • ASA 1 PHP functions (asa_item, asa_get_item, asa_collection, asa_get_collection)

What the Migration Wizard does:

  • Converts your ASA 1 templates

  • Converts your ASA 1 collections

  • Activates option ASA 1 support

  • Deactivates plugin Amazon Simple Admin (ASA 1)

Starting the wizard

If both ASA 1 and ASA 2 are installed and activated, you will see the ASA 2 submenu item “Migration Wizard”. When you click it, you will start with “Step 1: Templates”.

ASA 2 Migration Wizard menu item

Step 1: Templates

Select the ASA 1 templates you want to migrate from the list and click the button “Migrate selected templates”.

ASA 2 Migration Wizard Templates

Step 2: Collections

On the next page, you can select the ASA 1 collections you want to migrate to ASA 2 and press the button “Migrate selected collections”.

ASA 2 Migration Wizard Collections

Step 3: Conclusion

In the final step 3, “Conclusion”, you will see an overview of your migrated ASA 1 contents. If you forgot something, you can use the “Back” button to navigate through all steps.

If you agree with the migrated contents shown in the tables, check the confirmation checkbox and click the button “Complete Migration” at the end of the page. Now the Migration Wizard will activate ASA2’s option “ASA 1 support” and deactivate ASA 1.


If the result is not satisfying, just reactivate plugin “Amazon Simple Admin (ASA 1)” and it will handle its shortscodes again.

ASA 2 Migration Wizard conclusion

Accessing Migration Wizard again

After you have completed the Migration Wizard successfully, its submen item will disappear. But it is possible to run it again, maybe if you forgot something. You just have to activate ASA 1 again and open ASA2’s options page. In the tab “General” at option “ASA 1 support” you will find the link “Migration Wizard” which allows you to access the Migration Wizard again.

ASA 2 Migration Wizard access again