By default, only an administrator has access to all functions of ASA2. If you want to delegate certain capabilities to other users, you can use ASA2’s custom capabilities. To do so, the plugin User Role Editor is recommended. After installation, you will find the new section “Users / User Role Editor”. There you can assign ASA2 capabilities to new user roles or already existing roles.

ASA 2 capabilities
  • asa2_assign_repo_terms

    Allows to assign categories and tags to Products items

  • asa2_delete_associate_id_sets

    Allows to delete Associate ID sets

  • asa2_delete_collections

    Allows to delete Collections

  • asa2_delete_feeds

    Allows to delete Feeds

  • asa2_delete_log

    Allows to delete log entries

  • asa2_delete_notifications

    Allows to delete notification rules

  • asa2_delete_repo_item

    Allows to delete Products items

  • asa2_delete_repo_terms

    Allows to delete Products categories and tags

  • asa2_delete_templates

    Allows to delete templates

  • asa2_delete_templates_translation

    Allows to delete template translations

  • asa2_edit_associate_id_sets

    Allows to edit / create Associate ID sets

  • asa2_edit_collections

    Allows to edit / create Collections

  • asa2_edit_feeds

    Allows to edit / create Feeds

  • asa2_edit_notifications

    Allows to edit / create notification rules

  • asa2_edit_options

    Allows to edit the Options

  • asa2_edit_other_repo_items

    Allows to edit Products items created by others

  • asa2_edit_own_repo_items

    Allows to edit own Products items

  • asa2_edit_repo_terms

    Allows to edit Products categories and tags

  • asa2_edit_setup

    Allows to edit the setup

  • asa2_edit_templates

    Allows to edit templates

  • asa2_edit_templates_translation

    Allows to edit template translations

  • asa2_execute_notifications

    Allows to execute notifications

  • asa2_publish_repo_items

    Allows to publish Products items

  • asa2_read_log

    Allows to read log entries

  • asa2_read_private_repo_items

    Allows to read private Products entries

  • asa2_read_repo_item

    Allows to read Products items