Do not save feed items in Repo

By default, ASA2 will save every feed product in the Products. This is recommended for a better performance. If you do not want feed items to be stored in the Repo, activate this option.

Add default category

If set, a default category will be added to a feed item when it gets stored in the Repo. This is recommended to be able to know which items in the Repo came from a feed.


Option “Repo cleanup” requires the default category feature to be enabled.

Default category name

Here you can set the default feed category name (see option above). If you leave it blank, ASA2 will use “Feeds” as default category name.

Feed default category

Feed name as category

If set, the name of the feed will be added as category to a feed item when it gets stored in the Repo.

Feed name as category

Remove unused from Repo

If set, feed items stored in the Repo which are no longer part of any feed, will be removed from the Repo automatically whenever a feed gets refreshed but at most once per hour. This only works if a default category is used for feed items (see option “Add default category” above).


The auto-cleanup will only run once per hour. To clean up in the meantime, click the button as explained below.

Repo cleanup

Feed repo cleanup button

Click this button to remove unused feed items from the Products (as explained above). Check the logs to see what items have been removed.

Feed remove log