Cronjob event

Option cronjob event

With this option you can adjust, when ASA2 will execute a cronjob. By default, cronjobs get executed on action / event “wp_loaded”. If you are facing issues with the cronjob, e.g. it does nothing, change this option to action “plugins_loaded” or “Directly” and try to run the cronjob again.


Repo tag or category filters will not work when event is “Directly”.

Disable ASIN filter

Check this to disable ASA2’s internal ASIN filter. The ASIN filter, if active, removes all non-alphanumeric characters from ASINs and checks whether it consists of only 10 characters. It reports deviations in the log.

Request limits handling

Option request limit handling

Activate this to prevent RequestThrottle issues with the Repo refresh cronjob. Then ASA 2 will care about the right amount of pause between API requests. See option Max requests per second to adjust how many requests per second should be allowed.


The request limit handling does only have an effect on the cronjob Repo items refresh.

Max requests per second

Option max requests per second

Limits the number of requests, ASA2 may send to the Amazon API per second, to prevent RequestThrottle issues. Default is 1.

Allowed values are:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5

Refer to the official request limits documentation to determine your value.