The purpose of this plugin

Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2) lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages and make money with Amazon’s Associates program.

What can I do with ASA2?

With ASA 2 you can:

  • Embed Amazon products in your pages with just a few clicks to make money with Amazon’s Associates program
  • Use the included Managed templates which are kept up to date with every ASA 2 update
  • Customize the appearance of managed templates without programming skills
  • Use the feature-rich Product Picker to autmatically create Shortcodes
  • Design dynamic, custom HTML / CSS templates for product presentation without limits
  • Display Amazon’s rating stars for a higher level of trust
  • Organize your products in the Repo with all the power of WordPress custom post types
  • Dynamically embed multiple products at once based on categories, tags or custom fields using smart collections
  • Create email notifications about currently unavailable products to not miss any sale
  • Create product collections
  • Use products from all supported Amazon stores side by side on one page
  • Use multiple Associate IDs
  • Create internationalized products which load the product dynamically matching to the visitors origin
  • Use the Amazon RSS feeds to autmatically populate your site with the feed items
  • Translate templates
  • Refresh product data by server side cronjobs
  • Utilize sophisticated caching to speed up page load time
  • And much more! Please read through this documentation to perceive the scope of ASA2