ASA 2 Notifications menu

In section “Notifications” you can create email notifications about the status of your Products items.

Create a Repo notification

To create a new notification, click the button “Create new notification” in the section “Notifications”.

ASA 2 Notifications - Create


ASA 2 Notifications - Settings


Every notification rule needs a name. Choose a descriptive name as it will be used in the email text.


Optionally you can enter a comment to describe the intention of the notification.


With “Recurrence” you have to select when the notification will be generated. You can choose from different values provided by WordPress’s Cron API (the internal system for scheduled tasks).

Choose “Manually” if you want to use the server side cronjob Products Notifications Cronjob.

If you can not find the recurrence you need, you can create your own. I recommend the plugin WP Crontrol for managing custom time intervals. After you have installed it, go to section “Settings / Cron Schedules” and add a new cron schedule.

For example, to execute the notification every six hours, enter a interval value of 129600 seconds:

ASA 2 Notifications - Intervals

Eager mode

With option Eager mode you can force the notification to always be send, even if there were no products found matching the defined conditions. By default an email will only be generated if at least one product was found matching the configured conditions.


By default an email will only be generated if at least one product can be found matching the configured conditions.


ASA 2 Notifications - Recipients

The section “Recipients” is quite obvious. Here you can define the recipients for the notification. Multiple email addresses can be entered separated by commas.


ASA 2 Notifications - Conditions

In section “Conditions” you can define the criteria of the Repo products you want to notify about.

The example in the screenshot above would notify about video games currently not available. You can combine multiple conditions. To select or unselect multiple entries in a select box, hold down the control button (ctrl) on Windows or command button (cmd) on Mac.

Test a Repo notification

After you have created a Repo notification, you can test it by clicking the “Execute” link on the list entry. This will do a real notification rule execution and send emails if the conditions are applicable.

ASA 2 Notifications - Test

An email generated by ASA 2’s Repo notification function can look like this:

ASA 2 Notifications - Email

Edit a Repo notification

You can edit a notification rule by hovering over the list item and selecting the link “Edit”.

ASA 2 Notifications - Edit