Page title support

This enables the use of ASA 2 shortcodes in page titles. For example, create a template that only contains the placeholder {{ Title }} and call it “product_title”. You can use this template, to include the product name in the page title. ASA 2 will also take care of the page’s slug and meta title for SEO friendly URLs:

ASA 2 support page title ASA 2 support page title

SEO plugins support

Activate this option to be able to use ASA 2 shortcodes in SEO plugins. Then you can use shortcode in meta title and description fields.

Currently supported SEO plugins are:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

With WordPress SEO you can use shortcodes in the SEO title field:

ASA 2 WordPress SEO support

Render in RSS Feeds

By default, ASA 2 placeholders do not get rendered in your site’s RSS feeds. If you want that, activate this option.

ASA 2 option render in feeds

ASA 1 support

If you were using ASA 1 before on your site, you might want ASA 2 to handle ASA 1 contents. Activating this option, let’s ASA 2 handle all ASA 1 shortcodes, widgets and PHP function. You should use the Migration Wizard when upgrading from ASA 1.

ASA 1 support option

ASA 1 default template

By default, the ASA 2 default template will be used to render ASA 1 [asa] shortcode without declaration of a custom template. If you want ASA 2 to use the old ASA 1 default template in that case, activate this option.

ASA 1 default tpl