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The “Repo” is ASA2‘s item repository and one of the major features of the Premium version. It serves as a performance layer between your server and the Amazon API.

Technically the Repo is based on WordPress’s Custom Post Types, so the products contained in the Repo are stored in the WordPress database.


ASA2 uses its Repo as a performance layer between your server and the Amazon API.


Repo flowchart

ASA 2 Repo diagram

Whenever ASA2 tries to load a product, it checks if it exists in the Repo. If it does, it loads the product data from the Repo making a request to the Amazon API unnecessary.

ASA 2 Repo


By default, ASA2 is configured to put a product into the Repo automatically when it gets used for the first time, e.g. when you save a post containing ASA2 Shortcodes or a collection gets loaded for the first time. This behaviour can be adjusted to your wishes in the Repo.

But you can also fill the Repo in advance by manually adding new items or importing a bunch through the URL importer.

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Refreshing the repo items

If a Repo item is outdated, it will be refreshed automatically, at worst when a user requests a page.
Using the cronjob Repo items refresh, all repo items can be refreshed without user action on your server, e.g. at night. Together with the configurable lifetime of repo items, the ASA2 Repo offers you all the flexibility you need, to prevent realtime Amazon API calls on user page access.

Therefore the Repo greatly improves page load speed even if you do not use any of ASA2‘s Caching options.

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As the Repo is based on Custom Post Types, you benefit from all the familiar WordPress features. You can use categories and tags on your products and load them dynamically with the shortcode [asa2_smart_collection]. You can insert a text or excerpt on a product and use it with the template placeholders {{ repo_content }} and {{ repo_excerpt }}.

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