Create an Amazon Product

To manually add one Amazon product to the Products section, simply click on the “Add New” button on the overview page or in the main menu.

Add Product

Select the product

If you already know the ASIN of the product, you can enter it in the text field where it says “Enter ASIN” …

Add Amazon product

… or click the search button and search your product directly via Amazon PA API using ASA2’s product picker. Click on the product title or select button in the list of search results and its ASIN will be entered automatically:

Repo product picker

After you have entered the ASIN or selected a product from the search list, the product data will be loaded via the API and displayed on the page:

Product added

Adjust data

Title, Price, Rating

You can now adjust the title according to your wishes and even the price and ratings. The latter can be helpful if the data from the API does not match the data on the official product page. However, this should only be a temporary tool.

Description, Excerpt

You can enter an individual description text for the product and also an excerpt. The placeholders for using these texts in templates are {{ post_content }} for the main text and {{ post_excerpt }} for the excerpt. See Placeholders for more information.

Categories, Tags

Now you can add some categories and tags to the product, if you like. This data can become very useful to display the product via [asa2_smart_collection].

Product categories

More Info URL

The More Info URL can be used to display another button next to the buy button in the product box, which leads for example to a product review on your website.

Product more info URL Product more info URL example


Finally click the “Publish” button to save the product.

The product will appear on top of the Products section list:

Product list


Click the “Embed” link below the title, to get list of example shortcodes you can use to embed the product in your pages.

Products list embed Amazon product embed example

For more details about embedding products in your pages, check the section “EMBED PRODUCTS” of this documentation: