API Stats

Detailed List

If you click the “Open detailed list” button in the “API Request Stats” metabox on the ASA2 dashboard, a table with detailed information about the last API requests opens.

API Stats details

Request Type

The column “Request Type” contains information about the type of request.

These request types exist:

  • GetItems: With this request the data of one or more products defined by ASIN are requested.

  • SearchItems: This type represents a product search query.

  • GetVariations: This request is used to query the price range of a product if no price information is contained in the GetItems request and this function is activated by option Handle price variations with PA API 5.

Known Errors


A message like

“InvalidParameterValue: The ItemId B01ALKM6A0 provided in the request is invalid.”

can have several reasons.

Reason 1

This product is in the Repo and ASA2 tries to update it regularly.

Solution: Search for this ASIN in your Products section and delete or replace the product.

Reason 2

This product is not in the Repo, but is instead embedded on a page. In this case ASA2 tries to load this product via API, cannot find it in the store and the error occurs.

Solution: Delete this product from the page that is mentioned in the statistics entry in the details column (“permalink”).


This error is known with GetVariations requests (e.g. to calculate the price range) if there are no variations for the product.