Using a template


The easiest way to use a custom template is by choosing it in the settings tab of the Product Picker. This will automatically create the right shortcode option for you.


Let’s say you have three custom templates:

ASA 2 templates list

Now open the Product Picker by clicking the ASA2 editor button. After you have selected a product or collection, you can select a template from the dropdown menu “Templates” on the “Shortcode” tab which opens automatically after selecting a product.

productpicker select template

After clicking the button “Insert shortcode”, the shortcode will be generated and inserted into your post. The selected template will be included with the option tplid (see tplid).

ASA 2 shortcode with template id

It is recommended to use the template ID as this allows to change the template name afterwards without having to change the shortcode option. But if you prefer to use the template name, you can select the option “Use template name” in the Product Picker settings:

use template name option


You can manually use a custom template in all ASA2 Shortcodes.

This can easily be done by using one of the options tplid od tpl.

Again let’s say you have these three templates:

ASA 2 templates list


If you want to use the template “LEGO_minifigure” with a collection, you can use the option tplid with the template ID like so:

[asa2_collection tplid="5"]lego_starwars_minifigures[/asa2_collection]

By name

Or the option tpl with the template name:

[asa2_collection tpl="LEGO_minifigure"]lego_starwars_minifigures[/asa2_collection]