With conditions you can take control about what should be displayed in your template based on the contents of placeholders.


With “if” you can check for example if a placeholder contains something you expect.

{% if Brand == "LEGO" %}
    It's LEGO, yeah!
{% endif %}
{% if OfferIsPrime %}
    It's a prime product
{% endif %}
{% if OffersMainPriceAmount > 1000 %}
{% endif %}


If you want to output a default string, if a condition was not fulfilled, you can use the “else” condition.

{% if CustomerReviewsAverageRating > 4 %}
    <img src="img/reviews/better_than_4.jpg">
{% else %}
    <img src="img/reviews/default.jpg">
{% endif %}


If you want to check for multiple conditions, you can use the “elseif” condition.

{% if LargeImageURL is not empty %}
    <img src="{{ LargeImageURL }}">
{% elseif MediumImageURL is not empty %}
    <img src="{{ MediumImageURL }}">
{% elseif SmallImageURL is not empty %}
    <img src="{{ SmallImageURL }}">
{% else %}
    <img src="img/no_image.gif">
{% endif %}


You can combine multiple conditions with the and operator.

{% if Brand == "LEGO" and OfferIsPrime == true %}
    It's LEGO and prime
{% else %}
    It's something else
{% endif %}


You can combine multiple conditions with the or operator.

{% if Brand == "LEGO" or Brand == "PLAYMOBIL" %}
    It's something you want to play with!
{% else %}
    It's something else
{% endif %}


Check out the Twig documentation page for more details about the if statement.

More Examples

If not empty

Only show the Repo excerpt if it is not empty.

{% if repo_excerpt is not empty %}This is the excerpt: {{ repo_excerpt }}{% endif %}

If empty

Check if [post_editlink] is empty in case of the user’s permission to edit a post has exceeded in the meantime.

{% if EditorialReviewsContent is empty %}
    This product does not have an editorial review.
{% endif %}

If in

Check if the product’s languages contain “English”. You can use in with any placeholder of type “Array”. Makes use of the Containment operator.

{% if "English" in Languages %} This product is available in english {% endif %}

Custom Fields

The combination of conditional statements and WordPress’ Custom Fields is real power!

For example, if you have setup a Custom Field for Products items called comment_from_reviewer, you can output it only if a reviewer entered some text.

{% if repo_custom_field_comment_from_reviewer is not empty %}
    Comment from reviewer: {{ repo_custom_field_comment_from_reviewer }}
{% endif %}

For more information about the use of Custom Fields check Custom Fields.