On this page all placeholders containing URLs are summarized.

{{ AmazonHomepage }}

The Amazon shop homepage, like “http://www.amazon.com/” or “http://www.amazon.de/”. Depends on the country code of the product.

{{ AmazonURL }}

This is an alias for {{ DetailPageURL }}.

{{ BuyPageURL }}

URL to the buy page of a product

<a href="{{ BuyPageUrl }}">{{ Title }}</a>

{{ BuyButtonTargetURL }}

The URL the buy button should link to. Depens on the template option “button_target” which can be set globally in the template options or dynamically via shortcode.

<a href="{{ BuyButtonTargetURL }}" class="my_buy_button">{{ BuyButtonText }}</a>

{{ DetailPageURL }}

This is the link to the Amazon product page automatically generated by the Amazon API. It contains the tracking ID. Use it to link your embedded products to the Amazon page, for example:

<a href="{{ DetailPageURL }}">{{ Title }}</a>

{{ ImageTargetURL }}

The URL set in the template options to which product images should link to.

<a href="{{ ImageURL }}"><img src="{{ MainImageURL }}"></a>

{{ TitleTargetURL }}

The URL set in the template options to which the product title should link to.

<a href="{{ TitleTargetURL }}">{{ Title }}</a>