URL Importer

The URL Importer can be found in submenu “Tools” in the Products section section.

URL Importer

Its basic function is to recognize products by URLs and import them into the Repo. Multiple URLs are supported, one per line.


URL Importer supports multiple URLs, one per line.

Supported formats

Shop page URL

The easiest way to use the URL importer is to copy and paste the shop page URL of a product.

Copy URL Paste URL

ASIN only

It is also possible to enter only one ASIN per line. Then the default country store will be used which you can select below the URL textbox or the one set on ASA2’s “Setup” page.

If you want to use different stores, you can write the country code behind the ASIN, separated by two colons, like this:

  • B06Y5ZW72J

  • B06Y5ZW72J::DE

  • B06Y5ZW72J::US

  • B06Y5ZW72J::FR

ASIN only

Search result URL

The URL Importer supports URLs from Amazon search result pages. Just use the search function on an Amazon website, copy the URL of the page with the search results and paste it in the URL Importer text field. With option “Skip sponsored products” (see below), sponsored search results will be skipped.

Currently, the results of the first page are imported. The possibility to import additional pages will follow in the future.

URL Importer search page


Tags and Categories

Below the URL text box you can enter tags (comma separated) and select Repo categories to which the imported products are to be assigned.

Default country store

Additionally you can choose a default store that is used for products for which no store could be determined.

Skip sponsored products

Enable this option if you want to avoid having sponsored products imported from search results. This option only affects search results pages.

URL Importer options