Why to use the Repo?

The ASA2 Repo offers you some unique features:

  • You can organize your products in form of WordPress custom posts (see Repo Usage)
  • You can build dynamic queries based on the product properties with Smart Collections (e.g. show available products with a rating better than 4 stars) (see [asa2_smart_collection])
  • You can preload the product data via cronjob (see Repo items refresh)
  • You get notified via email about the properties of the products in your Repo (see Notifications)

And why not to use the Repo?

Some reasons why not to use the Repo are:

  • You do not need all the features described above
  • You only have a few products and you are happy with ASA2‘s caching performance and the AJAX mode
  • You do not want to store product data, like price and availability, in your local database

Deactivate the Repo

To deactivate the ASA2 Repo completely, check the option “Deactivate Repo” in ASA2‘s options section “Repo”.