Repo Usage

Adding items

To manually add one Amazon item to the ASA2 Repo simply click on the “Add New” button on the Repo overview page.

Add Repo item

On the Repo edit page, enter the ASIN of the product if you know it in the text box “ASIN” ...

Add Repo item

... or search for the product you want to store in ASA 2’s product picker. Click on the product in the list of search results and its ASIN will be entered automatically:

Repo product picker

After you have entered the ASIN, ASA2 will display the product title and some basic properties, like the preview image, price and total reviews:

Repo added

Now you can add some categories and tags to the product:

Repo categories

Finally click the button “Publish” to save the new Repo item.

The new item will appear on top of the Repo list:

Repo list


When you move the mouse cursor over the small preview image, the large product image will be displayed in an overlay:

Repo list image preview

Editing items

As you know it from posts and pages, you can also edit ASA 2 Repo items. Just click on the title or “Edit” link of the item you want to edit:

Repo edit

On the edit page, you can change the categories and tags or add a new description text and excerpt. Both can be used as placeholders in your template! The placeholder for the main text is {{ post_content }} and for the excerpt it is {{ post_excerpt }}. See Placeholders for more information.

Repo edit form

After your changes are done, click the button “Update”.

Quick Edit

Of course you may also use the “Quick Edit” mode on the Repo overview page.

Repo quickedit

It lets you quickly edit categories and tags without loading the edit page:

Repo quickedit